Training Program: Behavior is Communication

Learn how to observe and transform behavior as an educator and assistant to children.

Learn how to approach children’s challenging behavior through embodied cognition.

Learn how to control your own behavior and make an impact in your classroom.

“The Only Behavior Adults Can Control Is Their Own.”

Teachers and educators have been experiencing new challenges due to evolution and changes in society – these include understanding and teaching the most challenging students.

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted children’s sociability and social-emotional development hardly.

In many cases, understanding children’s behavioral issues generates frustration, excessive demand, and even helplessness.

Approach children’s challenging behavior from children’s perspective!

Learning Objectives

Understanding Behavior

Experience behavioral issues organically. Learn how to approach the most common challenges and understand many children’s needs by using your sensory perception, simple movements, and body awareness.

Tracking Own Behavior

Learn how to responsibly assess your behavior in specific situations, activities, places, and incidents during every day (school) life.

Transforming Behavior

Learn playfully how to keep track of your behavioral improvement. Discover hidden biases and negative attention.

Managing Transitions

Learn how to use body language and learning environments to encourage self-regulation and positively reinforce every student’s behavior.

Fostering Communication and Collaboration

Learn how to use pace, zero-budget sensory-motor materials, and prepared spaces to restructure relationships with individual students.

This program is for

Child Care Center and Preschool Educators

Pre-K and Kindergarten Teachers

Early Learning Center Curriculum Teams

Informal Educators (Public Libraries and Museums)

Practical Tools for Responding to Challenging Behavior

Every Program is also Available as Virtual Workshop!

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