Great Communication Skills Are An Unfair Career Advantage


Communication skills improve every aspect of your work, life, and career:


  • You’re more likely to get hired or PROMOTED.
  • You’ll stand out in your field, be seen as a LEADER, and become an INFLUENTIAL speaker.
  • You’ll improve your PERSUASION skills (and your TEAMWORK).
  • You’ll solve any FEAR of public speaking.
  • You’ll communicate FLUENTLY, even if you’re an INTROVERT.


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Meet Your Coach

Hi, my name is Tommaso Lana. I’m a communication skills and team collaboration coach.

I’ve been living and working internationally since 2005 (Germany, Australia, USA).

I gently help people overcome their blockers and communicate fluently in their personal and professional life.
I also help teams become tremendous collaborators, passionate problem solvers, and clear facilitators.

My experience spans training teams for multinational companies (Google), consulting high-end cultural institutions (The Smithsonian), and coaching managers in large public service systems (Los Angeles Public Library).

“Thank you, Tom, for introducing this way of communicating.
I spent so much time learning how to complicate communication that it turns out I have a big learning curve for simplifying it.”

Diane G.

Communication Skills Coaching client, Los Angeles, CA – April 2023

Recruiters around the world keep listing communication and interpersonal competencies as top skills employers seek.


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