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Organizations can retain talents, motivate teams, and resolve complexity using a sensory and experiential approach.

Embodied Learning helps professionals and companies like yours transform communication and collaboration through fun, dynamic playful sessions which enhance self and team-awareness in productive work environments.

Cognitive sciences are discovering that the body is the most powerful social and emotional sense organ humans have.

Based on these new discoveries, Embodied Learning has developed highly effective techniques using everyone’s physical and emotional experience in playful interaction with simple sensory objects to help understand, simplify, and master important challenges within teams.

What we offer

We offer custom, in-person team building training, workshops, professional development programs, and personal coaching sessions that range from a few hours to a span of six months as well as yearly refresher follow-ups.


 This is what your organization accomplishes through Embodied Learning:

  • Generating value and profit through self and team-awareness;

  • Discovering employees’ powerful innate talents;

  • Transforming ineffective communication habits;

  • Unlocking the potential of individuals and teams;

  • Redesigning successful collaborative strategies;

  • Establishing an experiential problem-solving culture;

  • Creating inclusive, profitable interactions and strengthen trustful relationships.


a. 1-hour In-person Starter Session
(Conference, event, meeting, off-site retreat warming-up session; Interactive keynote)

b. 2-hour In-person Intensive Session
(Kick-off event; Motivational fun session; Collaboration and team-awareness session)

c. Half-day In-person Full Coverage Session
(Inclusive internal communication, self-awareness, experiential problem-solving session)

d. 2-half-day In-person Full Immersion Session
(Complexity-solving, transformative, motivational session)

e. 2-hour to 6-months Ongoing Support/Consulting Package

Nationwide Service:

I will come to your office, campus, event, conference wherever you are.

What Your Company Achieves Through Experiential Team Building:

Building Effective Communication

Unlocking Your Talents’ Potential

Creating Inclusive Relationships

Solving Problems Experientially

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