and Teamwork

We engage professional caregivers and staff to build rewarding relationships with one another and their older adult residents.

We improve the ability of professional caregivers and staff to work together as a care team, emphasizing positive communication skills and methods to resolve conflict.
We also actively explore how trust between members of the care team leads to better job satisfaction for the caregiver and in tandem, a better resident experience.

By interacting with sensory objects, participants will better understand how they as individuals and members of a care team are impacted by time as a limited resource, the fast pace of their work, and job stress.

Workshop participants will experiment with an array of selected sensory objects and constructions to explore how the synchrony and conflicts in these interactions can be applied as learnings for interpersonal team communication and communication with the older adult resident.

By focusing on the time and pace of their interactions with these sensory objects individually, in pairs, and as a group, we will reflect together, draw parallels, and illuminate important aspects of the older adult resident-caregiver relationship.

We will discover personal and interprofessional stress sources and work together on reducing it by emphasizing self and team-awareness actively and dynamically.

By using additional sensory objects and materials, participants will embody the older adult’s perspective.

Participants will engage in “embodied-learning” the simultaneous use of sensory, motor, and cognitive skills. We will reflect as a group on these experiences, then apply them to caring for an older adult.

Participants will better empathize with different perspectives than their own, more effectively communicate with older adults to meet their needs, and better problem-solve challenging behaviors they may encounter in the workplace.

Embodied Learning will help participants be self and socially aware. This will improve their own capacity to support older adult residents in expressing their feelings and emotions.

Ultimately, professional caregivers and staff will engage as individuals, pairs, and teams in group exercises that will encourage them to try new approaches to care and feel motivated by their professional creativity.

Through the interaction with other sensory objects, participants will better understand each other and maximize the reward and joy gained from their work.

Through these guided interactions, participants will explore interprofessional team behavior and, through group reflection, will realize new methods to improve their communication with each other.

Professional caregivers and staff will learn together how to generate self-reward by discovering the value in every interchange with their colleagues and the older adults they care for.

Participants will be empowered to feel emotionally and physically enabled to master their jobs. While caregiver burnout and stress are a challenge, this workshop will give them tools and sources of self-discovered energy to recognize and exercise joy within their workplace.

This workshop will impact professional caregivers and older adult residents by:


  • Enabling positive interactions and rewarding relationships with patients;

  • Reducing stress and burnout;

  • Fostering trust and collaboration between older adult residents and professional caregivers;

  • Improving interprofessional teamwork;

  • Streamlining communication and collaboration among interprofessional caregiving teams and older adult residents.

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