Staff Training:


We want caregivers to build a rewarding relationship with patients.
We also want caregivers to reduce stress.

Caregivers need to feel fit and healthy to master the job. We want to help them find sources of energy and joy within their work environment.

In this training session, we improve nurses’ and caregivers’ teamwork and resolve issues with poor communication and conflict.

We also explore actively how trust and collaboration can bloom between patients and caregivers.

Time, Pace, and Stress

Using an array of selected sensory objects and constructions, we explore synchrony and conflicts between the patients’ pace and the caregivers’ time management.

By focusing on time and pace, we first highlight and then ease – through practical exercises – the crucial aspects of the patient-caregiver relationship.

We also discover sources of stress and work together on reducing it by training self and team-awareness actively and dynamically.

Patients’ Perspective

With the same objects and materials, we work on participants’ embodied cognition to explore and discover how to simplify the management of patient’s expectations, needs, and behavior.

We also combine physical activity and social awareness to support patients in expressing their feeling and emotions.

The goal is to engage caregivers to try new approaches and feel motivated by their professional creativity.

Caregivers’ Point of  View and Reward

Through guided activities with sensory objects, we explore caregivers’ behavior at work and find ways to simplify their communication.

With the same materials, we learn together how to generate self-reward by appreciating the value in every interchange with colleagues and patients.

Learning Objectives and Impact:

– Communication

We will simplify communication and collaboration among colleagues for good.

– Stress Reduction

You will learn how to manage and reduce stress through simple, hands-on time-management exercises.

– Rewarding Relationships

You will learn how to enable positive interactions and rewarding relationships with patients.

– Collaboration

You will learn how to foster trust and collaboration between caregivers and patients.

– Easing Teamwork

Participants will learn how to simplify teamwork progressively (and dramatically) by focusing on body-language and awareness.

Flexible Formats:

a. 4-hour Intensive Starter Session
b. One-day Full Coverage PD Session
c. Two-day Full Immersion Training for Staff/Teams
d. Ongoing Support/Consulting Package

Nationwide Service:

I will come to your elderly care facility, nursing school, healthcare conference, hospital, medical and healthcare startup, and institute of palliative care and medicine.

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