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Training Programs for CHILD CARE, DAYCARE, PRESCHOOL, and Pre-K Educators and Teams
Team Building for ELEMENTARY and MIDDLE SCHOOL Faculty

Embodied Learning helps people who work with youth appreciate learning in the way it comes from children. We use sensory perception, movement, and imagination to support educators, curriculum teams, and entire schools understand the needs of children, students, and their families and provide fitting solutions to each community.

Perception, movement, and learning are closely intertwined. Through active play, young children (0-6) gain greater awareness of their own body, which instantly feeds their brain and minds.

Movement and Socioemotional Development

The program’s goal is understanding how to foster children’s intellectual and social-emotional learning through movement.

This in-person very dynamic and interactive training session offers practical ideas to appreciate how children’s bodies and brain develop over time autonomously.

You will learn experientially how to set up new sensory-motor skills related activities to implement easily and successfully.

Furthermore, you will learn creative ways to integrate movement into teaching with a special focus on relaxation, self-regulation, and creative interaction with natural and zero-budget materials.

Several dynamic experiences involving the senses will help you to understand and appreciate how your own system of perception functions and interacts with children in your everyday life.
This way, you will discover how to enhance both intellectual and social-emotional learning of young children through age-appropriate “forms of play” as sensorimotor play, exploration, symbol-playing, role-playing, pretending and rules-based-play.

Learning is also a physical and emotional act. Learning comes from children. Adults have to make sure to be aware of every aspect of it to assist them as they deserve.

a. 4-hour Intensive Starter Session
b. One-day Full Coverage PD Session
c. Two-day Full Immersion Training
d. Ongoing Support/Consulting Package

Nationwide Service:
I will come to your school, daycare facility, early education center, conference, park, courtyard, or rooftop terrace.

This program is for:

Daycare Center and Preschool Educators

Pre-K and Kindergarten Teachers

Early Learning Center Curriculum Teams

Museum Informal Educators

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