Experience the Best Way for Teachers to Communicate with Parents

Discover a practical approach to successful in-person parent-teacher communication.

Learn how to use materials in your classroom to deliver your clear message.

Explore how to use body language as a strategy for effective parent-teacher communication.

Communication doesn’t need to be exclusively verbal.

In fact, the direct use of simple didactic and pedagogical materials to approach complex topics of children’s development makes things clearer for every adult.

Educators can practically explain to parents and caregivers how to observe, appreciate, and embody how their children learn autonomously by engaging their own senses and movements.

This very dynamic, hands-on, and fun session helps you experience how many different languages you can use in your daily dialogue with families.

Learning objectives

Clarity of Message

Learn how to support families and caregivers with clear and hands-on communication.


Learn how to use adults’ sensory and emotional experiences to communicate crucial topics of children’s development.


Learn how to explain children’s needs effectively to non-teaching professionals.

New Skills

Learn how to work on individual non-verbal communication skills.


Learn how to understand and appreciate the communicative power of didactic and pedagogical materials in your classroom.


Learn how to create a reward system autonomously by making an impact among parents and families.

This program is for

Preschool Directors and Administrators

Daycare Center and Preschool Educators

Pre-K and Kindergarten Teachers

Early Learning Center Curriculum Teams

Every Program is also Available as Virtual Workshop!

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