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Dear parents,

In pandemic times, you are even more your children’s partners in learning.

Learning happens cognitively, physically, and emotionally at the same time.

During COVID-19, children’s physical, emotional, and life-skills learning has been discontinued due to everybody’s social life limitations.

Being at home for longer times, spending lots of time with the same people, coping with adults’ anxieties and insecurities has been a huge endeavor for your little ones.

It’s time to support your children in getting back on track with their natural development and foster play the best way your family can!

Dear Parents,

  • Learn how to support your children in being in control of their childhood in the pandemic;
  • Enjoy observing their development amid these difficult times;
  • Create a system of reward for the hard job you’re doing through play;
  • Explore how to be their needed primary teacher!

Embodied Learning offers safe, fun, very dynamic, in-person (and virtual) one-on-one playful sessions to parents of children ages 2-8.

It’s all about enhancing

  • Sensory learning
  • Movement
  • Imagination
  • Joy
  • And recharge your energies!

1:1 In-person or virtual sessions for one or both parents

In a safe, constantly disinfected environment, you will play-learn by using sensory constructions made of everyday life objects you can find at your home.

Together, we’ll navigate your parenting needs and find playful solutions to support the whole family through these very difficult times.

Our goal is to support your kids by supporting you as a parent. Take some time for yourself. Try Parents Play!


15-minute Preparatory meeting on Zoom +
50-minute Intensive play-learn session +
2-week Post-session email support


Flexible Hours Day/Night


My Gym Astoria, 28-22 Astoria Blvd, Astoria, NY 11102



(preparatory meeting + intensive session + post-session email support) for one or both parents.


My name is Tommaso Lana. I’m the founder of Embodied Learning.

I’ve been experimenting with formal and informal early childhood educators for the past 15 years in Europe and the US.

I’m the early childhood education consultant at the Google Children’s Centers, at the Children Center at Caltech, at all three NYC library systems, Los Angeles Public Library, and the YMCA in Southern California.

I am based in Astoria, NY, and can’t wait to start my playful journey with you!

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