Collaboration and Sensory Perception

How do we perceive others? How do we move? What sensory skills do we “unlearn” as we grow into adults?
People who work in education, in public service and the corporate world need to interact effectively with both colleagues and the general public. Being aware of their own communication ensures the power of their message and its effect on their audience.

This is new:

Embodied Learning facilitates the understanding of all our communication channels by focusing on each person’s sensory perception.

How does it work?
We use a variety of objects, artwork, and “sensory constructions” to explore how ears hear, eyes see, skin feels, fingers touch, feet “under-stand” and muscles oscillate.

You will use your senses to understand, embody, and develop your organization.

From this simple but surprising hands-on journey, participants gain different ways to observe, share experiences, listen, question, relate to one another and to the public.

This workshop is a big deal.
Without even realizing it, everyone will make astonishing discoveries, notice personal mistakes, enjoy problems, and learn how not to judge a book by its cover.
The best part?  All of this happens by having fun.

a. 2-hour Intensive Session (max 20 participants)
b. 3-hour Intensive Session (max 40 participants)
c. One-day Full Coverage Training Session
d. Two-day Full Immersion Training Session
e. Ongoing Support/Consulting Package

Nationwide Service:
I will come to your location.

This program is for:

Employee-Centered Organizations

Innovative Charter Schools Education Staff

Children’s Museums, Public Library Staff

Public Service Management Teams

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