Learning in Outdoor Environments

The areas surrounding daycare centers, Pre-K, and school facilities always provide opportunities for children to escape confining indoor spaces and open their eyes to what’s outside. Urban and natural settings can inspire them to move, play, explore and learn in a completely new way.

Education can happen outside, too!

In this practical training program, you will learn how to recognize the opportunities outdoors. You will try out ideas and approaches for using children’s movement and curiosity outside the classroom as learning tools. You’ll also learn how to implement your curriculum in outdoor areas and how to reconcile any practical and technical concerns with educational objectives.

Read my Children & Nature Network article: A Clear Vision — Why Children Need to Be Taught Outdoors and How to Do It.

Working with light, shadows, water, grass, dirt, sticks, sand, clay, rocks, and more – in ways that are both creative and practical – you learn how to develop new settings and activities that allow you to engage with toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners in a variety of projects outside the classroom.

The result:
Both outdoor and indoor “classrooms” can be allies in the educational process.
Discover how to prepare yourself for using outdoor areas for learning through play. Experiment and understand the tremendous pedagogical potential of the various areas in and around your facility!
This training program will give you an extensive kit of practical ideas designed to broaden and enrich your institution’s educational approach. The program focuses also on letting go and observing children develop on their own.

Make the rediscovery of environments outside the classroom the hallmark of excellence in the educational services you provide.

I also offer support to daycare centers, Pre-K, and schools for designing outdoor spaces and consulting on how to plan your own outdoor concept.

a. 4-hour Intensive Starter Session
b. One-day Full Coverage PD Session
c. Two-day Full Immersion Training
d. Ongoing Support/Consulting Package

Nationwide Service:
I will come to your school, daycare facility, early education center, museum, library, foundation, conference, park, courtyard, or rooftop terrace.

This program is for:

Daycare Center and Preschool Educators

Pre-K and Kindergarten Teachers

Museum Informal Educators

School Directors and Curriculum Teams

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