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Multiple Dates Available Until August 2021!

Moving storytimes online has been overwhelming for so many youth librarians, young and old. Your technical plus storytelling ideas with justified cost to little to no prop costs are just what our profession needs right now. Your advocating for meaningful social engagement even though we are apart is what Everyone needs right now.
Deborah Dutcher, New Hampshire State Library

Explore step-by-step new solutions for virtual storytime and grow your children’s librarians’ skills by designing virtual programs that address sensory learning, movement, and imagination combined with STEM and early literacy.


#1 Setting Up Prepared Learning Environments for “Story Time”

Often in a library, early learners experience a social and physical setting outside of their family homes for the first time.  Like every library patron, young children also need suitable learning environments for healthy growth and memorable experiences.

Natural light exposure, selected zero budget materials, space for motion and creativity, ‘stages’ for stories, areas for resting and reflecting, and inspirational documentation about their past activities all belong to the ‘prepared learning environment’ setting.

The storyteller is also part of the learning environment and needs to reflect on his or her own presence and posture on ‘stage’ and be prepared to interact and engage with the audience even beyond the story and the book.

Join me in these hands-on PD sessions to rediscover the imaginative perspective of early learners and develop a multifaceted approach (sensorial, psychomotor, theatrical) focused on creating ‘prepared environments’, which offer a unique educational library experience to all of your youngest patrons.

#2 Environments for Playful Learning Experiences and ‘Talking’ Walls: Motivating Young Patrons Through Inspirational Documentation.

“Zero to Five” children sections in libraries are the only place in the entire country with the potential to offer a high-quality content early learning service for free. This includes:  literacy, movement and creativity, social-emotional learning, imagination, sensory and dramatic play, natural light, room for curiosity and recess – available every day – in each library branch.

Selected zero-budget materials, prepared learning environments, and inspiring documentaries can be great library “educators” for children and families.

This hands-on PD-concept is designed for librarians who want to rediscover the playful perspective of early learners and develop environments that provide a unique and formative library experience for their youngest patrons. Librarians approach sensory and psychomotor learning practices and learn how to use documentation within their branch to foster playful learning activities that every patron can also implement at home with the help of their caregivers.

#3 Learning Through Relationship

By nature, children are the most active learners in a library.
There are many ways to focus on and feature the meaning of learning in contemporary libraries that are striving to become the biggest and most efficient family centers in the country.

Join me in this interactive, sensorial session to experience new aspects of learning by analyzing spaces, languages, embodied consciousness, and creative pathways, with a goal to promoting self-guided learning as the natural ability of every single child.

Caregivers help.
In this workshop, librarians will learn how to approach and support parents on the respective discovery pathway their children take. Documentation and zero-budget prepared play-learn environments that can be easily implemented in every household will inspire adult patrons in assisting and collaborating with their eager little researchers.

Flexible Formats:

a. Half-day: Intensive Starter PD Session
b. One-day: Full Coverage Training
(2 half-day format available)
c. 60-day: 2 One-day Training session + One-to-one consultancy in each library branch
d. Ongoing: Customizable Support/Consulting Package

Nationwide Service:

I will come to your Library System facilities!

This program is for:

Children’s Librarians

Early Literacy Librarians

Library Branch Managers

Museum Informal Educators

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