Grow play-based relationships with children and their families from remote and help kids be in control of their childhood in the pandemic.

This workshop helped me to quiet the noise, stresses, and anxieties of the moment we are living through, and to reground myself in my love of working with children.
This workshop was a reminder that teaching/learning for ALL of us is a full body experience… heart, body, and brain.
Laurie S., Blue School, New York

About this Virtual Workshop

To deal with distance learning successfully as early childhood educators, we need:

  • A well-prepared play/learning environment that works on camera;
  • A child-centered time management plan for our interactions with children and families;
  • A creative mindset that helps us see play and learning opportunities everywhere at home – EG: What can I do with a wooden spoon? What can this wooden spoon do for me?
  • But most and foremost, we need to like ourselves and what we do on camera. We need to feel comfortable. We need to cope with seeing ourselves at work in a mirror (the screen). We need to work on us to make an impact on children’s healthy development.

This very dynamic 1.5-hour virtual workshop is about:

  1. Educator’s prepared environment – Technical aspects of education/pedagogical work on camera that make an impact.
  2. 1:1 virtual engagement – How only 10 minutes of professional, virtual, individual daily work with each child will make everybody happy.
  3. “Partners in Learning” – How to help parents embody crucial developmental steps and needs of their young children while living, playing, and thriving together in screen-free environments.
  4. Everyday life materials – Objects can change adults’ perspective on the caregiver-child relationship: explore materials available in every house in children’s play and learning adventures.

Tommaso’s enthusiasm and passion are contagious and can be felt through he screen. The workshop is engaging and inspiring. Tommaso’s emphasis on creating and building connection, his invitation to learn with the child by following the child’s curiosity and sense of wonder, coupled with his dynamic, creative, thoughtful ideas is nothing short of a magical experience. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and understanding!
Paola F., Peconic Community School, Aquebogue, NY

Virtual Workshop

90-minutes Dynamic, Live Session
Exhaustive Handout with inspiring Pictures, Quotes, and Literature
Certificate of Participation


up to 10 participants: $200.00*
up to 20 participants: $380.00*
up to 30 participants: $560.00*
up to 40 participants: $720.00*
up to 50 participants: $900.00*

*additional services:
– 45-minutes practical Q & A;
– advanced, intensive webinar;
– 1:1 consultation with each participant.

While attending Embodied Learning virtual workshop, the gears in my mind were turning, inspired, and creating. Tommaso’s enthusiasm is captivating and I’m so excited to learn how I will apply what I’ve learned to not only my virtual work with children, but to my practice in the classroom.
Christine B., Google Children’s Centers, Sunnyvale, CA

This program is for:

Child Care and Preschool Educators

Pre-K and Kindergarten Teachers

Early Learning Center Curriculum Teams

Informal Early Childhood Educators

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