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Tom’s enthusiasm and passion are contagious and can be felt through the screen. His emphasis on creating and building connection, his invitation to learn with the child by following the child’s curiosity and sense of wonder; coupled with his dynamic, creative, thoughtful ideas is nothing short of a magical experience. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and understanding!

Paola Flórez

Peconic Community School, NY

Professional Development Training Programs
for Educators

Parent-Teacher Communication

No Words Required
Learn how to explain children’s needs and achievements adequately to non-teaching professionals.
Learn how to support families
and caregivers with clear and hands-on communication.

Making Sense of STEM

Learn how to combine cause and effect, oscillation, kinetic energy, and many other phenomena with self-awareness, collaboration, inclusion, and the idea of community.

New Learning Environments
and Storytime in Public Libraries

Learn how to set up inclusive, prepared learning environments in the children’s room of every library by reinventing the setting, content, and materials of your Storytime programs.

Every Program is also Available as Virtual Workshop!

Challenging Behavior

Learn how to approach children’s challenging behavior through embodied cognition.
Learn how to control your own behavior and make an impact in your classroom.

Learning Outdoors

Learn how to support children’s physical, social, and emotional development outdoors.
Learn practically how to implement your academic curriculum in outdoor education!

SEL through Movement

Learn how to support children’s perception, movement, and social-emotional learning through active play.
Help young children gain greater awareness of themselves and their community.

Dear Tommaso,
Thank you so much for sharing your work with our school community. The power and beauty of the metaphors you share were exactly what we needed to inspire and evolve our commitment and work with children and families.

The Curriculum Team

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