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Welcome to Embodied Learning

Hi, my name is Tommaso.
I’m a cross-industry mentor and facilitator based in NYC.
I’ve been living and working internationally since 2005 (Germany, Australia, US).

I specialize in
early learning, movement, and team collaboration.

My experience spans training teams for multinational companies (Google), consulting for high-end educational institutions (The Smithsonian – SEEC), and mentoring managers of large public service systems (Los Angeles Public Library).

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Tommaso Lana is one of the most dynamic, engaging presenters I have ever encountered.
I have attended several of his workshops, and each time, I’m amazed at the freshness and accessibility of his ideas and approaches.

Maureen Leary

Smithsonian Institution, National Postal Museum, Washington DC


Embodied Learning emphasizes the act of learning from the perspective of children.
We welcome early childhood educators to experience physically and emotionally what children need today. Sensory constructions, movement, and imagination are our tools.


Embodied Learning experiential team-building events and collaborative coaching sessions enhance teammates’ collaboration and non-verbal communication skills through simple, hands-on interactions. While having fun, we resolve complexity, unlock talents’ potential, coach inclusive leadership, and boost team collaboration. 

“Tom’s enthusiasm and passion are contagious.”

His emphasis on creating and building connection, his invitation to learn with the child by following the child’s curiosity and sense of wonder, coupled with his dynamic, creative, thoughtful ideas, is nothing short of a magical experience. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and understanding!

Paola Flórez

Peconic Community School, NY

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