What is Embodied Learning?

Experiential Team Building

What is Embodied Learning?

Training Programs for Educators

What is Embodied Learning?

Master the One-On-One Meeting

What is Embodied Learning?

Webinars and Virtual Workshops

What is Embodied Learning?

Reinventing Library Youth Services

What is Embodied Learning?

Celebrating Autonomous Learning

Hello, I'm Tommaso

Welcome to Embodied Learning

Embodied Learning is all about experiential team-building, team collaboration, and inclusive leadership.  


“Tommaso Lana is one of the most dynamic, engaging presenters I have ever encountered.
I have attended several of his workshops and each time I’m amazed at the freshness and accessibility of his ideas and approaches.
His virtual storytime workshop gave me valuable tools I can use immediately.”

Maureen Leary

Early Learning Programs Manager, Smithsonian Institution, National Postal Museum, Washington DC


Embodied Learning experiential team-building events and collaborative coaching sessions enhance teammates’ collaboration and non-verbal communication skills through simple, hands-on interactions. While having fun, we resolve complexity, unlock talents’ potential, coach inclusive leadership, and boost team collaboration. 


Embodied Learning emphasizes the act of learning from the perspective of children.
We welcome educators and parents to experience physically and emotionally what children need today. Sensory constructions, movement, and imagination are our tools.


Embodied Learning simplifies challenging interactions between professional caregivers and older adults who are receiving care.
While addressing active care, we improve professional caregivers, staff, and families abilities to work together as a care team.

“And that’s why it stuck out to me.”

Tommaso’s approach to embodied learning is different than meditation or brain-training. It’s fun, collaborative, nimble and immediately applicable to the workplace, and that’s why it stuck out to me.
I’ve learned that in 60 seconds of observing my colleagues’ body language, I can learn more about how they operate compared to working with them over email for 60 days.

Lauren Parikhal

Account Supervisor, Evoke KYNE

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“Our body is the first
educational system
we experience.”

A self-directed system inherited from thousands of years of evolution.

Tommaso Lana

Embodied Learning

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Embodied Cognition for Team Collaboration and

Inclusive Leadership

Embodied Learning is a boutique consultancy focused on experiential team-building events and collaborative coaching. We enhance communication and collaboration skills through sensory play, movement, and imagination. We use embodied cognition to learn how to work better together because the body can explain everything.

Tommaso Lana

Founder, Embodied Learning

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