Embodied Learning transforms learning, communication, and collaboration by putting everyone’s experiences in relation to each other.

Team Building and Professional Development Training Programs


Collaboration and Sensory Perception

Refresh effective teamwork and internal communication by using this hands-on approach that targets everyone’s senses.
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Early Learning in Public Libraries

Discover how to set up prepared learning environments in the children’s room of every library beginning from Story Time.
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The Physical Act of Learning

Experience how the human body enhances cognitive and social-emotional learning through movement.
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Learning in Outdoor Environments


Learning in Outdoor Environments

Learn how to transform your facility’s outdoor surroundings into a space that helps children’s curiosity thrive.
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Behavior is Communication

Learn how to manage transitions, prepare inclusive learning environments, value self-regulation, and re-build relationships.
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Stories, Case Studies, and Events

What is Embodied Learning?

The identity, potential, success, and happiness of every single person is not only shaped by their brain but by the collective whole of their muscles, nerves, and organs.

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