In-Person Team Collaboration Training Events

We provide facilitated team collaboration activities for corporate events, company outings, and team bonding retreats for virtual, hybrid, and in-person teams. 

Corporate Team Collaboration Training Events

Corporate Team Building Activities - Embodied Learning

Embodied Learning designs and hosts dynamic team collaboration training events that enhance effective team interactions and non-verbal communication skills through simple, hands-on activities.

We create customized team collaboration training events thanks to the strong competencies accumulated working with Google, Caltech, The Smithsonian Institution, WeWork, Los Angeles Public Library, and many more.

While having fun,

  • we resolve complexity,
  • unlock talents’ potential,
  • coach inclusive leadership,
  • and boost team collaboration.

Why is Team Collaboration Important?

Team Collaboration Training for Hybrid and Virtual Teams

In times of change and transitions, organizations can retain talents, motivate teams, and resolve complexity using an in-person, hands-on, fun approach.

We specialize in reconnecting hybrid and virtual teams and boarding new team members in memorable in-person team-building retreats.

Experiential Team Building Activity | Embodied Learning - Tommaso Lana

Outdoor Team Collaboration Activities

Embodied Learning helps professionals and companies like yours transform communication and collaboration through hands-on, fun, dynamic playful sessions in productive work environments.

The pandemic didn’t stop us. We created a safe and inspiring way to host team building events outdoors.

Indoor Team Collaboration Activities

Cognitive science is discovering that the body is the most powerful social and emotional sense organ humans have.

Based on field research in neurobiology, Embodied Learning offers new, highly effective team-building techniques and team collaboration tools for teams of any kind and size.

What is Embodied Learning? Embodied Learning Refers to Pedagogical Approaches that Focus on Everyone’s Innate, Autonomous Competence – Physical, Emotional, and Cognitive – to Build Learning Processes

Embodied Learning’s approach to experiential team building is fun, collaborative, nimble, and immediately applicable to the workplace.
That’s why it stuck out to me: I’ve learned that in 60 seconds of observing my colleagues’ body language, I can discover more about how they operate compared to working with them over email for 60 days.

Lauren Parikhal

Account Supervisor, Evoke KYNE

How it Works

In Person Team Collaboration Training Sessions

Embodied Learning designs and leads facilitated team building events.

Following the Embodied Learning approach, a host with 15 years of experience will run custom designed engaging activities for you and your team at the location you prefer.

Fun Team Events That Get Results

Most of our experiential team collaboration training events take 90-120 minutes.

We customize the team training experience around your event type and team size, indoors and outdoors.

Generally, teams experience four or five of our Embodied Learning games and activities.

Embodied Learning Tommaso Lana Experiential Team-Building Corporate

New Team Bonding Events

We offer new, highly effective team collaboration techniques and team-building tools.

We work with your team on exploring and experiencing collaboration, communication, and camaraderie.

Along with your team, we set up games and activities that help understand, simplify, and master important challenges of teamwork.

Make Our Team Collaboration Training Events Part of Your Culture

  • Your teammates discover each other’s powerful innate talents.

  • Your team transforms ineffective communication habits.

  • Your teammates experience new, successful collaborative strategies.

  • Your teammates unlock their potential thanks to the team.

  • Your team experiences and embodies a problem-solving culture.

  • With “team awareness” your organization generates value and profit.

  • Your teammates strengthen trustful relationships through inclusive interactions.

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Your Facilitator in the Tri-state Area

Hi, my name is Tommaso Lana.
I’m a cross-industry mentor and facilitator based in NYC.
I’ve been living and working internationally since 2005 (Germany, Australia, USA).

I support and motivate teams to become tremendous collaborators, passionate problem solvers, and clear facilitators.

My experience spans training teams for multinational companies (Google), consulting high-end cultural institutions (The Smithsonian), and mentoring managers in large public service systems (Los Angeles Public Library).

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