Tommaso Lana
Cross-industry Mentor and Facilitator

Over 15 Years of International Experience
in Learning and Development

Hi, my name is Tommaso.
I’m a cross-industry mentor and facilitator based in NYC.
I’ve been living and working internationally since 2005 (Germany, Australia, US).

I specialize in
early learning, movement, and team collaboration.

My experience spans training teams for multinational companies (Google), consulting for high-end educational institutions (The Smithsonian – SEEC), and mentoring managers of large public service systems (Los Angeles Public Library).

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Tommaso Lana - Embodied Learning - Experiential Team Building

From Social History to Social Change Making

Tommaso graduated from the University of Milan, Italy, with a master thesis in history about children who had been unrecognized social change-makers.
Since then, he’s been developing collaborative learning methods for adults inspired by children’s innate adaptive learning abilities.

Learning Through the Body

Between 2005 and 2008, Tommaso worked as manager of visitors services, teaching artist, and facilitator at the permanent interactive exhibit “Experience Field for The Development of The Senses,” Wiesbaden, Germany.


This groundbreaking formative experience within the realm of sensory learning inspired the beginning of Embodied Learning as a company. “I couldn’t gather all organizations, teams, and communities on Earth in one single place to impact the way we all relate, interact, and work together. I needed to go to them, listen to their needs, and let them try things out.”

Embodied Learning, 2008

Tommaso started up his consultancy firm in Berlin, Germany, serving educational, social, and political organizations and the museum, hospitality, and tourism industry all across Europe.

Storytelling for Social and Economic Transformation

In 2010-2011 Tommaso co-directed the German Representative for Cultural and Media Affairs award-winning social-art project “Paradise 2: What is Energy?”

The project addressed the future of identity and community in regions impacted by vibrant economic and social transitions.

Embodied Learning grew immensely by emphasizing the story of common people’s life (and bodies) between the end of the Cold War and the present.

The inhabitants of the village of Welzow, in former East Germany, helped Tommaso’s inclusive work on letting unheard voices emerge and become relevant in major socio-developmental processes.

Practical Tools for Responding to Challenging Behavior

Giving Back to Children

Between 2010 and 2016, Tommaso designed, crafted, and curated the “Learning Outside” exhibit at the Preschool Museum, Berlin (which recently moved to Uelzen, Germany), addressing teachers and educators’ appreciation of learning through sensory experiences, play, movement, and imagination.
“We can bring schools into the future as a universal educational model only if we stop, observe, understand, and respect how children learn.”

Embodied Learning in the United States

In 2017, Tommaso moved to New York City to spread Embodied Learning across North America. First, he disseminated his approach to learning in the early childhood education sector, consulting the most exciting early learning projects in the country, such as the Google Children’s Centers, the Children Center at Caltech, and the Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center.

Storytime in Public Libraries – Embodied Learning Professional Development

Embodied Learning for Education

Tommaso is a keynote speaker and an Edutopia writer. Between the 2016 and 2019 editions, he yearly performed and mentored at SXSWedu, Austin, TX.
He believes informal education is crucial for communities’ success. Tommaso collaborates as a trainer and consultant with Los Angeles Public Library, NYPL, Queens Public Library, and many other large library systems.

Embodied Learning and COVID-19


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tommaso created ‘Embodied Learning at Home,’ a video series for busy parents of young children working from remote about creative sensory play at home.
Since the pandemic broke out, Embodied Learning is also available as a virtual service.

Tommaso Lana Embodied Learning at Home
Experiential Team Building Activity | Embodied Learning - Tommaso Lana

Embodied Learning NOW:
Team Collaboration and Communication Skills for Leaders

Inspired by new findings in cognitive sciences, neurobiology, and learning theory, Tommaso developed highly effective team collaboration techniques and coaching tools for inclusive leaders.

These are designed to become confident communicators and excellent, collaborative managers and teammates.

Embodied Learning TODAY: PD Training for Early Childhood Educators


Young children’s new needs in the post-pandemic and digital age inspired a new series of hands-on professional development training programs for early childhood educators.
The core of this new PD sessions is to put teachers and educators in the condition of physically and emotionally reflect and understand (embody) how sensory development, autonomous learning competence, and innate ability to imagine and create work in young children. The goal is to build awareness around a healthy, happy, and sound early childhood as a basic human right.

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