Experiential Team Building

Get Your Team Ready for Hybrid Work

Cognitive science is discovering that the body is
the most powerful social and emotional sense organ humans have.

Challenges in Times of Reopening

  • Flexible work is here to stay.
    We will work from different places at different times of the day. How can we enhance team collaboration in this new work habitat?

  • Authenticity spurs productivity and wellbeing.
    On Zoom, with children, dogs, and cats in living rooms, work became more human. How do we keep that motivating emotional space in the hybrid work zone? 

  • Leaders are out of touch with employees. Teams have become more siloed. How do we spark in-person networking opportunities without hallway conversations, chance encounters, and small talk over coffee?

  • Digital exhaustion is a real and unsustainable threat. Gen Z employees feel isolated, lack motivation, and stopped bringing new ideas and innovation to the table. How do we build purpose and wellbeing in the shift to hybrid?

Embodied Learning Custom Solutions for Teams

Embodied Learning Tommaso Lana Experiential Team-Building Corporate

In times of change and transitions, organizations can retain talents, motivate teams, and resolve complexity using a hands-on, sensory and experiential approach.

Embodied Learning helps professionals and companies like yours transform communication and collaboration through hands-on, fun, dynamic playful sessions which enhance self and “team-awareness” in productive work environments.

Embodied Learning Tommaso Lana Experiential Team-Building Corporate

Based on field research in cognitive sciences and neurobiology, Embodied Learning offers new, highly effective team-building techniques and team coaching tools.
Along with participating teammates, we set up hands-on playful interactions using simple sensory objects to help understand, simplify, and master important challenges within teams.

Embodied Learning Experiential Team Building Impact:

  • Teammates discover each other’s powerful innate talents.

  • Teams transform ineffective communication habits.

  • Teammates experience new, successful collaborative strategies.

  • Individuals unlock their potential thanks to the team.

  • Teammates embody a problem-solving culture.

  • “Team awareness” generates value and profit.

  • Teammates strengthen trustful relationships through inclusive interactions.


Inclusive Leadership 1:1 Coaching Solutions

Develop Inclusive Leadership through Embodied Cognition

Embody awareness of bias.

Feed curiosity about others by discovering how each individuals’ sensory perception works.

Grow your own cultural intelligence by refining your observation and listening skills.

Foster effective collaboration in hands-on ways.

Embodied Learning Tommaso Lana Experiential Team-Building Corporate

Develop an authentic commitment to diversity by challenging your life skills.

Flexible Formats, Worldwide Service


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Full Coverage
In-Person Session


Full Immersion
In-Person Training


Conferences, Retreats, Parties

1:1 Consulting

Virtual / In-Person

“And that’s why it stuck out to me.”

Tommaso’s approach to embodied learning is different than meditation or brain-training. It’s fun, collaborative, nimble and immediately applicable to the workplace, and that’s why it stuck out to me.
I’ve learned that in 60 seconds of observing my colleagues’ body language, I can learn more about how they operate compared to working with them over email for 60 days.

Lauren Parikhal

Account Supervisor, Evoke KYNE

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