Explore the Benefits of Outdoor Learning

Discover and understand the pedagogical potential of the outdoor space around your early learning facility.

Learn how to prepare outdoor areas for learning through play.

Make the rediscovery of environments outside the classroom
the hallmark of excellence of your school.

The areas surrounding child care, daycare centers, preschools, and school facilities always provide opportunities for children to escape confining indoor spaces and open their eyes to what’s outside.

Urban and natural settings can inspire them to move, play, explore and learn in a completely new way.

“Children seem to want literally ‘wallow’ in nature – rub nature into themselves, or on themselves. Children must taste, touch, or handle everything for themselves – roll down the hill, tumble in the snow, run against the wind, wade in the stream.”

Patty Smith Hill (1868-1946)

Learning objectives

Explore Natural Materials

Working with light, shadows, water, grass, dirt, sticks, sand, clay, rocks, and more – in ways that are both creative and practical – you learn how to develop new settings and activities that allow you to engage with toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners in a variety of projects outside the classroom.

Move and Learn

You will build and try out zero-budget constructions and settings that enhance children’s movement and curiosity as tools of their learning experience.

Let Go

This training program will give you an extensive kit of safe and practical ideas designed to foster autonomous learning. Learn how to let children go and observe their development under the open sky.

Play and Explore (Academics Outdoors)

You will learn how to implement your curriculum in outdoor areas and how to reconcile any practical and technical concerns with educational objectives.

I help child care, daycare centers, preschools, and schools envision and design outdoor learning spaces and consult on how to implement your own outdoor learning curriculum.

This program is for

Daycare Center and Preschool Educators

Pre-K and Kindergarten Teachers

Early Learning Center Curriculum Teams

Museum Informal Educators

Every Program is also Available as Virtual Workshop!

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