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Embodied Learning transforms internal communication and collaboration at work, in education and health care environments. We spark the least explored and most direct language people have: that of the body.

Virtual Workshop / Webinar

Grow play-based relationships with children and their families from remote and help kids be in control of their childhood in the pandemic.

This workshop helped me to quiet the noise, stresses, and anxieties of the moment we are living through, and to reground myself in my love of working with children.
Laurie S., Blue School, NYC

Training Programs



Embodied Learning is a sensory experiential team building. It’s totally dynamic, analog and fun. We unlock talents’ potential, boost inclusive interactions, and resolve complexity. You generate value and profit through self and team-awareness.
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Embodied Learning simplifies challenging interactions between professional caregivers and older adults who are receiving care. We improve the ability of professional caregivers, staff, and families to work together as a care team.
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Embodied Learning appreciates learning from children’s perspective. We bring educators, curriculum teams, and schools to experience the real needs of children. Sensory awareness, movement, and imagination are our solution tools.
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What is Embodied Learning?

The identity, potential, success, and happiness of every single person is not only shaped by their brain but by the collective whole of their muscles, nerves, and organs.

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Dear Parents: Check out the video series Embodied Learning at Home

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