September 12, 2017 – The “Back To School” Issue.



“Can you for once stop dangling around like a silly spring, sit properly and finish your assignment?” My Back To School 2017/2018 wish and goal is to hear sentences of this kind as little as possible until those finally disappear.

Negative attention is a common unconscious habit of defense inside a familiar environment that suddenly turns into being unsafe or unmanageable. Educators turn instinctively to it in class when they can’t devise an effective solution and need self-protection.

Negative attention is punitive communication. But challenging students won’t achieve anything from punishment.

I want educators to feel physically and emotionally safe in class always. I want empathic educators who are confident and prepared for their response towards challenging behavior – their own included.

Inspired by artist William Kentridge and by information designer Giorgia Lupi, this summer I wrote a piece that walks educators through a rediscovery of their behavior in class and suggests practices which will help them to recognize when they’ve been using negative attention.

Using a simple self-evaluating method and their learning environment, educators can break the code of their behavior for good. This will be the beginning of a positive change in approaching the most challenging students.

George Lucas Educational Foundation Blog Edutopia just published it!
Responding to Disruptive Students.

Happy School Year 2017/2018!
Talk soon, Tommaso

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