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What is Embodied Learning?

Embodied Learning is a multidisciplinary experiential training program which transforms internal communication and collaboration at work, in learning and health care environments.
Embodied Learning sparks the least explored and most direct language people have: that of the body.

At Work

Unlocking Potential through Team Building, Creating Inclusive Interactions with Coaching

Embodied Learning is a sensory experiential team building. It’s totally dynamic, analog and fun. We unlock talents’ potential, boost inclusive interactions, and resolve complexity. You generate value and profit through self and team-awareness. Learn More…

In Education

Supporting Education Professionals in Child Care, Daycare, Early Childhood Education

Embodied Learning appreciates learning from children’s perspective. We bring educators, curriculum teams, and schools to experience the real needs of children. Sensory awareness, movement, and imagination are our solution tools. Learn More…

In Elderly Care

Fostering Trust and Collaboration between Caregivers, Patients and Their Families

Embodied Learning simplifies challenging interactions in elderly care environments. We foster physical and emotional trust between professional caregiver and patient. You create a custom experiential language for the dialogue with families.

How does Embodied Learning work?

Embodied Learning works on whole individuals and uses everyone’s physical and emotional experience to help understand, simplify, and master big challenges.

In in-person team-building training sessions, workshop classes, professional development programs, or personal coaching sessions, we use a large array of specific, hand made, simple, and effective sensory objects to enhance physical and emotional experiences through direct interaction.

Every participant gets easily involved in experiencing individually and observing peers and colleagues. The function and use of objects are very simple and intuitive.

Through individual and group interaction with these objects, the topics of the session come to life and become directly visible (and tangible) showing clear inspiring perspectives.

Our work with objects and peers transitions naturally to the day-to-day environment of the participants.
No translation from the training space to the work environment is ever needed.

This is the outcome Embodied Learning creates:

  • Interactions between team members are lively and productive.
  • Definition of goals is clear.
  • Problem-solving strategies are highly effective.
  • Professionals are incredibly motivated by the discovery of new values and potential among the team and the organization itself.

Where does Embodied Learning come from?

By nature, we, as young children loved to try things out and experiment.
We were keen to understand our world, and – from our perspective – learning was a combination of reflection (Making sense of things), imagination (The art of inventing stories) and embodied cognition (Collecting physical and emotional experiences).

Children enjoy physically applying their self-discovered knowledge independently. I call this process the innate learning method.

A young child’s body is the part most exposed to collecting experiences, feeling self-aware, and sharing knowledge.

What happens when we grow up?

For us adults the body is the most intimate, protected, but also widely underestimated and least explored possession we have.

Embodied Learning stands for acknowledging that there is body wisdom.
The body is the protagonist of children’s innate learning method, but also the most powerful social and emotional sense organ every adult owns.

This radically challenges perspectives and approaches on the meaning of learning, working, and succeeding for all individuals and the whole society.
In fact, the identity, potential, success, and happiness of every single person is not only shaped by their brain but by the collective whole of their muscles, nerves, and organs.


a. 1-hour In-person Starter Session
(Conference, event, meeting, off-site retreat warming-up session; Interactive keynote)

b. 2-hour In-person Intensive Session
(Kick-off event; Motivational fun session; Collaboration and team-awareness session)

c. Half-day In-person Full Coverage Session
(Inclusive internal communication, self-awareness, experiential problem-solving session)

d. 2-half-day In-person Full Immersion Session
(Complexity-solving, transformative, motivational session)

e. 2-hour to 6-months Ongoing Support/Consulting Package

Nationwide Service:

I will come to your office, campus, event, conference; school, child care, daycare, early education center; nursing home, hospital; wherever you are.


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